Getting Started

How Do I Get Started?

Take your time and review all of the info below, look over the site and if you have an interest in finding out more do the following.

First Things First

Together we must define What is Fitness (CFJ-October 2002). After reading this article, download and read the free issue of the CrossFit Journal Foundations (CFJ-April 2002). This will help you understand our approach to fitness and decide whether it is right for you. If your interests have been peaked and you are seeking more info, you can also look over the CrossFit main site for more information.

Intro Consultation

This is a 30-minute free session that will help explain the CrossFit method and evaluates your current level of fitness. Sometimes going through one of our workouts best explains what CrossFit is, you will have the option to participate in a workout.  All questions will gladly be answered, allowing you to determine if CrossFit is for you.

Group Classes

Where fitness becomes sport.  While you continue to develop your foundation of strength and general fitness, your training enters the realm of sport and the competition begins.  Intensity picks up and you are introduced to new skills.  One of the best parts of ALL of our CrossFit classes is the relationship you build while getting fit.  Our community is amazing and we welcome you to join us!

Additional Thoughts…

All workouts will be scaled and modified to fit YOUR level of fitness regardless of age or ability.

ANYONE may participate and succeed with this program and you do NOT have to be in shape to begin!

You do NOT have to be able to do a pull-up, a handstand pushup or be able to climb a rope. We have modifications for all exercises!

Commitment and Value…CrossFit is a commitment and investment.  Our trainers commit and invest in every athlete’s success.  Our investment to you is proven in quality coaching, results and community.  If you are looking for value, and commitment from a dedicated training staff, you are in the right place!